Risk Assessments

Find and fix security weaknesses in your IT setup before they’re exploited by cyber criminals.

Every organization faces Cyber Security risks and vulnerabilities on a daily basis – many completely invisible until you receive a ransom demand or learn that your data is for sale on the dark web. A tailored risk assessment will give you the insights you need to understand the threats you face and how you can overcome them with the right security measures that are relevant to your business.

你可以在网络beat365官方app下载手机上花多少钱,没有限制, 还有很多人准备卖给你你不一定需要的东西, a security risk assessment is an essential tool to help you make the best decisions for your business. beat365官方app下载手机提供完整, accurate risk assessments and customized recommendations that allow you to direct your security investment to where it’s needed – and where it makes the most sense for your unique requirements and priorities.


我们的beat365官方app下载手机风险评估是彻底和全面的, 审视你业务的每个领域,以及如何改进.


  • IT System Review – We will assess your internal and external IT environment to determine and rank the technical and business risks that you are exposed to.
  • 最佳实践的评估 – We will perform a full audit of your compliance with security best practices for a business of your profile.
  • 漏洞扫描 – We will run in-depth scans of your IT infrastructure to examine your level of vulnerability and detect any potential weaknesses.
  • Gap Analysis – We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses in your IT systems and determine how you can close the gap to achieve an ideal state of total security.
  • 补救的建议 – We will set out prioritized recommendations to address vulnerabilities in your systems and practices, 并实施适当的工具和政策.
  • 自定义报告 – We will provide a detailed report that includes a scorecard of your current compliance and security standing, a heat map that shows how you stack up to other businesses of your size and in your industry sector, and a roadmap and budget to guide you through the process of remediating your security risks.

我们的评估结果将记录在一个定制的报告中. 除了详细说明您对最佳实践的遵守情况, 这份报告会对你目前的beat365官方app下载手机状况进行评分和衡量. We will include a heat map that shows how you stack up compared to other businesses in your industry sector, of your size, 在地理上. We will also provide you with a roadmap and budget to guide you through the process of remediating your risks.

Below, Roger Walton discusses the issues of compliancy in regards to doing a risk assessment for a company.


beat365官方app下载手机’s Security Risk Assessment is founded squarely on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). This framework gives businesses of all sizes a structure to determine the appropriate mix of security practices to fit their specific threats, 脆弱性和风险承受能力.

该框架被组织成网络beat365官方app下载手机的五个功能:识别, Protect, Detect, 响应和恢复.

Below, Roger Walton talks about the importance of cybersecurity and its role in a risk assessment for a company.


beat365官方app下载手机 has been providing IT services to businesses like yours for more than 25 years. Over that time we have developed a deep understanding of the everyday challenges you face, 包括有限的时间和有限的预算. We draw on this background to develop a tailored security plan for your business that will protect your critical assets while being realistic in its demands on your team – and your wallet.


Our risk assessments incorporate all these elements (and more) to deliver a total security solution for your business:

  • 可接受的使用政策
  • 先进的恶意软件保护
  • 云映像备份
  • 合规评估
  • 黑暗的网络监控
  • Email encryption
  • Email scanning
  • 端点检测和响应(EDR)
  • 事件响应计划
  • 漏洞扫描
  • 入侵预防
  • Media encryption
  • 多因素身份验证(MFA)
  • 网络钓鱼训练活动
  • beat365官方app下载手机信息和事件管理(SIEM)
  • beat365官方app下载手机威胁的更新
  • beat365官方app下载手机意识培训
  • 密码管理
  • Policy creation
  • 网络内容过滤

Below, 吉姆·艾伦谈到了网络beat365官方app下载手机风险评估, 以及他们在beat365官方app下载手机和合规方面扮演的重要角色.


There are many benefits of a Security Risk Assessment from beat365官方app下载手机, including but not limited to:

  • 让你的公司继续运转 -网络攻击随时可能发生. 它会让你的生意停滞不前,许多人再也无法恢复. A risk assessment is a proactive tool to help you prevent malicious attacks before they occur.
  • 为您的员工和合作伙伴提供隐私 -保护您的机密数据和信息. 你的团队和客户都依赖于你!
  • 保护你的名声 – When your security is breached and data gets leaked, people will find out. 一旦你失去了他们的信任,几乎不可能再重获信任.
  • 优先考虑你的投资 -你知道你需要在网络beat365官方app下载手机上投资, 但你也需要知道哪些投资会有最大的回报.
  • 制定行动计划 -良好的beat365官方app下载手机需要时间,而不仅仅是金钱. 优先考虑你的时间投资,制定一个积极的长期计划.
  • 更好地理解风险 -如果你不了解商业风险,你就无法为它们做好准备. 而网络beat365官方app下载手机是最大的商业风险之一!
  • 认清你的弱点 -如果有第三方恶意攻击你,从哪里下手? We’ll help you find your weaknesses and close the gaps so that you’re always one step ahead.
  • 为遵从性要求做好准备 – For a growing number of industries, cyber security is no longer a choice but a requirement. 合规性可能是获得合同资格的先决条件.
  • 符合法律规定 -没有保护好个人信息不仅会损害你的声誉, 但也可能会让你陷入法律危机.
  • 理解IT术语和缩写 – Cyber security is laced with technical terminology that makes it hard for non-specialists to navigate. We can help here!
  • 降低网上保险保费 -每个企业都应该投保, 风险评估可以帮助你获得较低的保费.

Roland Carter discusses the basics of what’s involved in an IT risk assessment for a company.


If you would like a more in depth look at your IT risks, we can provide an in depth assessment. 价格从3000美元到5000美元不等.

Why Choose beat365官方app下载手机 IT?

您需要一个深谙IT技术的beat365官方app下载手机合作伙伴, but also with an understanding of the realities of running a business like yours. At beat365官方app下载手机 IT, we take pride in offering a wide variety of cybersecurity solutions for businesses. 我们的团队有能力保证您的beat365官方app下载手机, 同时清楚地传达你所面临的威胁和风险.

beat365官方app下载手机 has the expertise needed for IT planning and budgeting and security risk minimization and can adapt and change as IT requirements do.


beat365官方app下载手机可以帮助你发现自己的优势和劣势, 得到有价值的见解, 并将长期的beat365官方app下载手机风险降到最低. 我们努力为客户提供可预测的结果, 包括成本和beat365官方app下载手机, so that your data and IT infrastructure is protected and managed efficiently.

Contact us today to get your complementary Cyber Risk Profile and find out how you measure up, and learn what steps you need to take to build an effective security solution.

We can also provide detailed Cyber Security Risk Assessments for a more in-depth analysis of your IT vulnerabilities and threats, 以及满足您的beat365官方app下载手机目标的优先建议. 价格从3000美元到5000美元不等. 详情请致电(603)431-4121与我们联系.